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Our most popular lighting controller line is designed for flexability.  Usually created from our standard components shown below.  From these components, flashers from a couple to hundreds of channels can be created.

Lighting controller board.  PCA stands for Power supply, Clock signal generation and Address line control to it's self and any PBZ-08 expansion boards connected to make a desired system.
For an eight channel system, the PCA-80 logic controller contains the first eight outputs.

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PBZ-08 board - expands a PCA-80 eight more channels each.

PBZ-08 - the 8channel expansion board plugs into a PCA-80 or another PBZ-08.  Each addition of a PBZ-08 adds eight more parallel channels to the controllers configuration.

Assembled logic system:
Add up all the parallel channels needed and snap them together - shown is a 24 channel controller.

PCA-80 with 2 PBZ-08's connected to make a 24 channel controller.

Easy mounting:
Circuit board dimensions designed for easy mounting using Augat's Snap Track board mounting products.  Snap Track mounts like din rail.

Heat sink:
Gold iridite aluminum heat sink - usually 8-1/4" wide - and for the length - (the number of channels used / 4) * 1.8") + another 5/8" so relays aren't so close to the edge.  A 32 channel system would be 15 inches long.  Once the heat sink is cut, an aluminum flange is attached.

Standard heat sink material used in most systems.

Fully assembled 4 channel lighting controller with 6 outputs repeated for each channel.

Assembled lighting controller:
This system shown here uses one PCA-80 board to drive 24 solid state relays.  Each of the PCA-80's outputs are connected to 3 solid state relays.  Notice that dual SSR's are used saving space. The relays and the logic board are mounted to a large heat sink with a flange mounted around the outside.  This design is intended to be easily installed in an existing or new electrical enclosure back, side or door. - keeping the enclosure sealed.

The view from the other side shows the mounting flange, heat sink and fan that are exposed outside of an enclosure. This compact unit can be mounted in the back, side or door of an electrical enclosure.
Other configurations are also easily integrated into custom applications - since this is designed to be a highly customizable product.

View of other side of controller.  This side is visible outside when mounted in an enclosure.

What's left?

  • Assigning what channels will be for what and designing your custom lighting sequence.
  • Programming or burning the finished lighting sequence into the desired size EPROM's.
  • Cutting a hole in an enclosure and mounting the unit with machine screws and sealing with silicone.
  • Wire the outputs of the solid state relays to your loads and inputs to current limiting circuit breakers.
  • Throw the switch and watch the show!
LCS lighting controller solutions don't end with this standard component line - we also use PLC's, single board computers and other LCS designed controllers to tackle your applications needs.  If you have a need to make something special or out of the ordinary with flashing lights - just contact Dick Marchant Jr.