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These lighting sequences are available for download as a convenience to customers who need replacement sequences for systems we have created. The code remains the property of Dick Marchant Jr. Lighting & Control Systems - but then again, I own a car that anyone can look at...   So feel free to explore if it is of interest to you.   I would be truly flattered!


Each file with the same name contains up to 8bits of a programmed sequence.  In the first selection below, there are two files with the same name but different extensions. R0 is the first chip and R1 is the second with R0 containing the action for channels 1-8 and R1 containing channels 9-16.  Each chip or file is eight channels or bits wide, collectively making up the entire number of parallel channels used in the lighting system.


The contents of each file are the actual byte code contained in EPROM's.
Most of the sequences written were 4K in size fitting in a 32K chip.
If you are using a larger size EPROM, copy the block to fill the chip you are using.


16 Channel Rock-O-Plane sign


ROCKOPLA.R0 Channels 1-8
ROCKOPLA.R1 Channels 9-16 - very pretty sign!
Bell City Shows - Sky Diver


DIVER.R0 Don't remember anything about this one.
Bluegrass Shows


NEW4CH.R0 Himalaya 4 channel program
NEW6CH.R0 Himalaya 6 channel program


RNGOFIR2.R0 Ring-Of-Fire channels 1-8
RNGOFIR2.R1 Ring-Of-Fire channels 9-16
Bobs Space Racers


BSRACR.R0 Channels 1-8
Benny Vivona's Quasar


QUASAR.R0 Channels 1-8 on ride center
Catco Mfg Company - Racing

1st ride

CATCO1.R0 Channels 1-8  - controlled sign and marquis
CATCO1.R1 Channels 9-last

2nd ride

CATCO2.R0 Channels 1-8 - wiring of ride changed
CATCO2.R1 Channels 9-last

3rd ride

CATCO3.R0 Channels 1-8 - wiring of ride changed again
CATCO3.R1 Channels 9-last

4th ride

CATCARQ2.R0 Channels 1-6 - just did the marquis on this last one
RACING.R0 4th ride - digital sound file used in Akman Digital sound system.   Racing cars sound track.
Conklin Shows

Mark I

MARK1.R0 Sign channels 1-8
MARK1.R1 Sign channels 9-15 and marquis channel 1
MARK1.R2 Marquis channel 2-9
MARK1.R3 Marquis channels 10-last


GONDOLA.R0 Huss rainbow gondol lighting controller replacement channels 1-8
GONDOLA.R1 Channels 9-last
Dartron Industries


SLIDE24.R0 24 channel slide channels 1-8.  Depends on number of light poles
SLIDE24.R1 channels 9-16
SLIDE24.R2 channels 17-24


SLIDE30.R0 30 channel slide channels 1-8
SLIDE30.R1 channels 9-16
SLIDE30.R2 channels 17-24
SLIDE30.R3 channels 25-30


SLIDE33.R0 33 channel slide channels 1-8
SLIDE33.R1 channels 9-16
SLIDE33.R2 channels 17-24
SLIDE33.R3 channels 25-32
SLIDE33.R4 channel 33

Goliath Slide

GOLIATH.R0 36 channel Goliath slide channels 1-8
GOLIATH.R1 channels 9-16
GOLIATH.R2 channels 17-24
GOLIATH.R3 channels 25-32
GOLIATH.R4 channels 33-36


SLIDE9.R0 Nine channel slide channels 1-8
SLIDE9.R1 channel 9


HURTWR.R0 Hurricane sweeps channels 1-8


TROOP1.R0 Startrooper odd numbered sweeps channels 1-8
TROOP1.R1 even numbered sweeps channels 9-16
TROOP1.R2 7 channel sweep spreaders and first bonnet channel - channels 17-24
TROOP1.R3 rest of 9 bonnet channels - channels 25-32