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Welcome to the wall washer section.

We certainly hope you get inspired, so much can be done with this technology.

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In the images below, an RGB 72 x 1watt led wall washer was used to show how painted art can change and highlight under this kind of light.  Painted colors do not actually change but individual colors appear to fade in and out under the projected changing color.


This is the wall washer used in the pics above.  It has 72 x 1 watt LED's.  Self contained 120vac input power supply and internal controller functions as stand alone (with built in functions) and  DMX decoder.  Control from any standard DMX lighting interface.

96watts 120vac



Introducing the "Beamer" Wall Washer.  Available in single or any color RGB. It has 36 x 1 watt LED's.


Slim Line wall washer.  Small, lightweight design. Available in single color or RGB with optional lenses for just the right effect.

 Lenses come in 10, 15 and 20 degree beam spread.

24vdc * RGB(3-) & (COMMON+)

36Watts 1m x 48mm x 25mm

36 x 1 watt LED's.


The wall washers that are not self contained, need a constant current power supply (intended for LED's) and some sort of controller.  Either a stand alone contoller (one with bult in functions) or if controlled by a DMX source, a DMX decoder/driver. 

Normally, these lights have 4 wires,  a positive 24vdc common and a negetive each for Red, Green and Blue.